Flying the nest, moving out.

What they forget to make you realise.

When I moved out I was 17. I thought, like most teenagers, I knew everything!

How wrong was I?

When you’re ready, or think you are ready to fly the nest just remember what you have to do first.

Everything costs money.

Council Tax.
TV Licence.
Food Shopping.
Furniture inc. Beds, sofa, wardrobes, kitchenware, table.

Generally speaking you can expect to pay;
Rent £400-£800 per calendar month.
Gas £80-100 pcm
Electric £60-80 pcm
Water £35-50 pcm.
Council Tax can be as high as £114 pcm.
TV Licence £30 pcm (varies depending on how you pay)

Shopping can vary so much depending on the area you live and which shop you prefer but just as a figure, £300pcm.

Carpets, Decorating and Furniture are the best part of £1500 and that’s if you are not so fussy and take what you can get. Although this is a one off payment, these things can just be replaced or updated one by one. As and when they can be afforded.

There are then all the Luxuries that most people take for granted like a broadband internet connection and a digital recording box like TiVo or Sky+HD. They’re not cheap. With the cheapest all in contract package being around £50pcm.

Not forgetting if you drive the up keep of a car is another expense.
Tax, MOT, Insurance, Servicing and repairs and finally the ever rising cost of fuel!

I am willing to help estimate costs of living for individuals, should they need it just get in touch.


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