The camera stealing children 

So previous posts if you’ve read them will show Gemma, my daughter taking photos on my phone/iPad well now she has taken to the tele remote as we now have a smart TV with Netflix! 

If I watch this episode of Mia again I will throw the tele in the garden! Not literally because that would be stupid

But her little brother Harry who I might add isn’t so little anymore… Has a photo addiction. 

As soon as a device is left unattended that’s it snap, snap, snap! He is constantly photographing things. 


His feet, the ceiling, his sister, the Windows, I even found a burst photo of his penis and bum! I immediately deleted that. Could you imagine, I got pulled over or what have you and they looked on my phone to find a two year olds privates being photographed? That’s sick and twisted to think that I would even do such a thing. Luckily for me I had noticed them and have asked Harry to try taking photos of the dogs instead. If you were to see the deleted photos you can see that he has taken them himself. 

Admittedly it was funny ringing his dad to tell him and he thought it was so so so so funny! But afterwards I though “oh my” that could’ve been a really bad thing. 

Butter wouldn’t melt ay! 


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