The return of the Gemma! 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I just had to share these photos. My daughter has now worked out how to FaceTime (video call) her grandparents using the Siri voice command feature while in the lock screen! 

Anyway so as she adds Siri to her list of accomplished tasks learnt I find even more silly photos in my gallery. 

Here are a few from the last few days. Don’t be fooled there are literally hundreds…all identical and blurred with no subject – the floor or the wall taking priority! 

She has learnt to change the filter options on the camera too…    


Selfies… Every bloody where!       

Daddy from her level  

Still changing those filters this time we have a view from the living room  

Her brother.. He’s in on the phone jacking scandal   

Jess dog the innocent sunbathing by stander    

As I was saying, the wall   

The following are today’s antics. The above are from a couple of days ago. I just didn’t get on to wright a post before the little terror was at it again! 



Her snotty nosed brother, he sneezed, they laughed, she snapped a photo of him 😂




How can I be mad at them, they’re very cute and very funny! 


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