The inability to control ones bladder

I’m just 23 years old. I have two children and for as long as I can remember I have practised pelvic floor exercises. For as long as I can remember I have also had the nastiest of problems… Just when you think it is safe to sneeze or cough… No, no it’s not safe! It’s never safe!
These last two weeks have been mayhem. My partner, both children and myself have had a terrible cold. With an even more terrible cough!
Well that is just disaster central. The inability to control ones bladder coupled with the dreaded cough accompanying a debilitating virus (a cold) is just great!
I find myself forever cleaning some body’s waste products!
With a preschool child not able to sufficiently wipe her bum after a poo, nor is she able to empty the potty, I’m up and down the stairs like a yoyo to and fro from the bathroom to the living room, where of course my darling little toddler has just learnt to take his nappy off at the most embarrassing of times and insists on standing with his bits at Xbox and Sky box level! It seems so cruel to quickly get up and slap a nappy back over his bum suffocating it with plastic in the process. Just for him to whip it back off within a few moments! It’s all it takes you know, a few seconds. He makes Harry Houdini look silly! I could just be taking a nappy to the bin or I could be making a bottle of juice… And bam! He’s there trousers off, nappy off, giggling sweetly like the day is all peachy. Honestly I think he likes to just play at being a nudist! 

Butter wouldn’t melt ayy! 


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