Winter, it’s not that terrible!

I hear people moaning about winter. The weather usually. It’s nice to be snuggled up, warm indoors with your family. Probably playing board games or watching a film.

I suffer with a mild form of bipolar. I am more often that not in a depressive state. Winter brings out depression in people that are usually very bubbly and happy people – winter just has that effect on people.

For me though, I am at my most happiest in winter!
I like big fluffy coats that make you look like a Michelin Man on steroids.
I like the sound of the boiler heating my house, being in control of the temperature is a wonderful thing!
I like wearing big, fur lined boots to keep my toes toasty. Or wellies to keep them dry!
In winter I find it easier to find something to wear.
No faffing around with “Is this going to hide that?” or “am I going to be to hot in this?” And having to weigh up wether or not there is a possibility of sweat marks. There is literally none of that! Lots of layers of favourite big knits, Michelin-steroid coat and warm footwear.
In the summer I find it a pain, I usually only have one or two items of clothing suitable for the two-three weeks we have of summer weather here in the UK. Which means I either have to wear them alternate days or make sure I do not see the same people when wearing the same outfit and it also means washing the comfy items every bloody day! It’s a pain in itself as you can bet your life I won’t have a full load of washing of those particular colours – which makes me less inclined to wash them straight away.
Summer is one big sweat fest of barbecues, festivals and for some lots of drugs and alcohol!
At least in winter you can visit your local and sit around the fire while sipping a perfectly poured pint. Or wear lots of snug clothes and be completely in control of the temperature!
In summer once your hot, it takes way too long to cool off (That is without a swimming pool or similar).
In winter, if you’re warm, take a layer off. If you’re cold, put a layer on!

I prefer winter.

(My birthday is also in winter)


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