When anger strikes

I find myself realising the insane pressure that builds up inside instantly when someone stops in the middle of a shopping aisle, right infront of me. As if that isn’t enough they then start to back up and give me the look of “you got in my way, I ain’t apologising” this infuriates me.

I cannot seem to avoid it. So I changed tactics. I have tried countless different supermarkets and shops. This doesn’t help, they are all the same. They all attract those blind-as-a-bat-stop-suddenly-to-turn-in-the-aisle types.
I thought, I will go solo. Just me and the trolley. No children, no friends, no partner. Just me and the trolley. This just makes matters worse. I then have no one to hind my irratic behaviour from. I go all Tasmanian devil. I make Raoul Moat look sane. I shout and swear, then I get personal and abuse gets hurled. Steam pouring out of my ears and fire from my mouth. I feel the anger building too. I get a little agitated around aisle 2 or 3, then it progresses to a bit angry by aisle 5.. then my feet get hot and then I feel my blood change temperature in aisle 7. From my feet, up my legs to my knees, then up and up until my eyes turn to a squint from the ridiculous amount of pressure that my skull is struggling to contain.

Again I found myself needing to approach it differently.
Solo was a no go. I know I have to stick to the best value for money – as all shops seem to offer the same hassle filled experience.

So I tried with the other people that I share a house with, the family! My toddler, a baby and a man. Well every person knows men and supermarkets are a disaster waiting to happen. The same could be said for toddlers. Not so much babies as they often sleep through it. How? I will never know, but they do.

I then find that this sudden anger is just me. Not my partner, he doesn’t get it. He probably does help the situation as he just whines “are we done yet?” Or “Can we go home now?” Or the most annoying “Can’t I just sit in the car while you do the shopping?” No, no and no! He’s quite happy to eat this food, he can bloody well help me shop for it! (I love him, he keeps me happy, even when I’m angry)
Then the toddler starts. Arms longer than Stretch Armstrong. Reaching everything. Throwing things out of the trolley. Adding unnecessary items in. Then the screaming and shouting only to then applauded by my partner while I’m trying to tell her to stop.
Her screaming usually sparks the start of the “Im gonna leave the trolley and we can all go home” arguements…

By the end of this predictable behaviour from my loved ones I am pulling my hair our, only in aisle 9 with 21 still to go its no wonder I started going grey at 21!

Online shopping is equally as disappointing. Substituted items or no item at all really winds me up. I don’t want someone else to do my shopping. I am too fussy to send him let alone a complete stranger!

I cannot be the only mother, or father, that experiences this, can I?

Kelly, Cabbage Girl.


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