Two Tools to Make Your Blog a Supportive, Safe Space

I have suffered with mental health issues the majority of my life. From mild mood swings, to full blown clinical depression to anxiety and stress. I wouldn’t say I’m a certified nut-job, but I come very close! Since stumbling across WordPress, and creating CabbageTalk I have been able to get things off of my chest which has relieved enough stress or tension for me to be able to take a step back and see things from my partner, my wonderful strong man’s point of view. This has now meant that I am able to identify and correct a few of my own problems that cause larger issues within my family. Without my blog, my release, I would bottle it up. Even though I am not necessarily talking about feelings or my mental health [in my blog]. Just the sense of being able to let thoughts leave my brain without losing them is a huge help.

The Blog

Last month, we highlighted bloggers writing about mental health issues — and it struck a chord with many of you.

Lots of you commented that you also write about struggles with mental health, and were hoping your blogs would be a medium to help you connect with others and a safe space for talking about sensitive issues. There are two features baked into to support both goals.

Contact forms

Unfortunately, there’s still a good deal of stigma around mental illness, making many of us comfortable being public about our struggles. Leaving a public comment on someone’s blog isn’t always easy on fun posts, let alone on something as fraught with judgement as mental health.

Putting a contact form on your blog gives readers a way to connect with you privately. They can share their own stories and offer support without having to reveal more than they’re comfortable with to…

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