Phobia.. the irrationality of it all!

I have a genuine phobia. It has troubled my every day life for a long time.
If you were to ever visit my house please do not interfere with the plugs, drains, extractor fans, or leave water in the sinks or bath. I am genuinely petrified of plugs, drains, extractors, and I cannot pull the plug out of a sink full of water than someone else has left.
I’m that bothered I just phoned my fiancè in tears because I can’t wash up because there is water in the sink. I have ran out of baby bottles and I can’t do anything about it.
I don’t go swimming until I have walked around and found all the lights, pipes, drains, filters and grills in the pool. I don’t like any kind of air system that has hidden ducting like extraction devices or similiar. I don’t shower/bath at anyone else’s house or on holiday if the extractor fan is above the bath/shower. I can’t even use a toilet if the fan is too close to the wall. I would rather hold it and risk having an accident than use that loo. And if there is a wet room style drain thingy on the floor I don’t go in there.
I can’t walk past air vents like on the side of splash (I drive quicker past them). I can’t swim in a pool that has the missing brick thing where there’s some sort of drain or filter in the wall. I can’t use a shower at the pool if it has that shared drain grid.

I’m well and truly absolutely 1000000% genuinely petrified of these things. So please someone invent something that means we don’t have them!

No one understands this phobia.  My fiancè knows but doesn’t understand and he has been known to torment me with it by touching a plug or whatever while I’m around.
When I am out I check for extractors, drains, plugs, air vents, air bricks and will stay as far a way as I can.

I need help, its wrecking my life. I am a mum of two. I need to be swimming with my children and playing with water – they are going to miss out because of this phobia.

I’m not the only one

I cannot explain the feeling. I can feel my heart beating, my breathing alters, my thoughts become scrambled, I get extremely irritated and snappy, my initial reaction is to panic and remove myself from the area. I serioisly do not want my children to fear these pointless things!

Kelly, Cabbage Girl.


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