Flappy Bird…

Flappy bird, a free game. Where the user guides a flapping bird through pipes, (I thought it looked a bit like Super Mario) using only one move, a press of the screen to increase elevation.. Tricky to master and highly addictive.


It’s similar to an old windows pc game with a helicopter where the user would click the mouse for elevation.

Tragically a child lost their life after beating there siblings score and then was allegedly killed by said sibling.

So, the creator received death threats, he pulled the game after the couldnt cope with the constant abuse and criticism regarding the game.

Already this year we have seen some weird and dangerous viral crazes. Flappy Bird, Selfies, Neknomination, RAKnomination..

And now, the extortionate amount that smartphones are being sold for because they have the unavailable-to-download game, Flappy Bird installed on them!


I told my finacé (is that the right accent?) about the ridiculous listings of iPhones and other devices selling for thousands, I don’t think he believed me so he went straight to look on eBay. His jaw hit the floor as he began to tell me that there was an iphone 4s with the game, for an astonishing £115,000. Then I told him that I have the Flappy Bird game installed on my phone.

My phone is getting old, still great and works perfectly but is not the newest of phones… Wonder how much mine would sell for?



That was before we went to bed, this morning my partner had a violation notice eBay have removed our listening as their rules state all devices must be restored to factory default settings before being sold.

So that is the end of that

Kelly, Cabbage Girl.


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