Daily Prompt: BFFs

For starters the closest person to Me is my fiance. (yeh, no accent on that one)
He literally means everything to me, without him my amazing daughter and gorgeous son would not exist.
He taught me so many things!
I’ve learnt from him about cars, being a mechanics misses you learn a few things. I’ve learnt about music, well he’s a damn good DJ too. I’ve learnt how much of an absolute waste of space human I am.
He helped me through mental illness, physical illness, through the good, the bad and the ugly yet I always have treated him like poo. Not purposely, I would like to add. But for someone fighting with themself on the inside, living with someone on the outside and learning to live & love is hard.

Since being able to see things from other peoples point of view, more often, I find myself being the root of all problems in our house. My mental health is my problem. Not that the dogs got mud on the carpet or that my partner things dirty washing goes at the top of the stairs. My mental health is a struggle for me everyday regardless of how I look on the outside, I am always fighting.


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