Review: Brewers Fayre, Rothwell Road/A14 Kettering

After a bit of a mess up with our shopping trip we found ourselves at the Brewers Fayre by Kettering Hospital on Rothwell Road.
The weather was blisteringly cold and the wind was bitter. We walked in to a bright, warm restaurant area straight into the path of a friendly member of staff that greeted us anf briefly explained the all-you-can-eat chicken buffet, to take a seat where we were comfortable & to order at the bar remembering our table number.
Great start. First Impressions: 10/10

We wondered around for a minute or so before deciding to sit pretty much smack bang in the middle of everyone but in a corner thing, strange but true. My reasoning for this, we could just be a normal family in a normal place having a normal dinner outing. Also, my daughter is 2 she needed to be sat somewhere with few distractions and where she couldn’t escape easily. Our son is in a pushchair as he is only 4 months old.
Seated comfortably 5/5

I am quick to order as its hard word keeping the daughter amused when she knows there is a possibility of food or a possibility she might sneak past both me and her daddy and go off exploring the world of pub with the other squealing banshee like children that are running riot. I think not. Bless her.
Anyway back to ordering. The all you can eat chicken buffet consisted of Cajun roast, southern fried, breast smothered in bacon and cheese, burger, chips, spicy chips, beans, curry sauce, bread rolls, and a salad bar. All unlimited. All for £9.99 per person. Sounded great especially as it looked and smelt like just what we needed.
Our daugher is lactose intolerant so we have to carefully vet anything she consumes. With my phone battery deteriorating quicker than Usain Bolt running the 100 metres at London 2012… I asked to use my fiancè’s (gotta learn these accents) iPhone. Being an Android lover using Apple really puts me out. My frustration brewed as his internet connection was only ‘g’. Eventually I gave up on the allergy info, available on the Brewers Fayre website, and proceeded to order.
“Pint of Bud, refill glass, fruit shoot, two adult buffets please, also could you tell me if the Pop-it chicken, chips and beans are all lactose free?”
The young woman serving me was so polite and honest. She went out of her way to find the information. First of she ran to the kitchen, they didn’t know. She came out with a colleague that pointed her in the direction of the dietary information folder. After five minutes fiddling we finally found that the meal was completely lactose free.
Service 10/10

In total our bill was £30 and a few pence. I was pleasantly surpised.
Price 10/10

I returned to our table after asking for boiling water to heat a bottle to feed our son with. The woman that helped me was again very polite and accommodating. 

My daughter’s meal arrived, fair portion size for a child’s meal and not too hot. The waitress was attentive when we ask specifically for Heinz sauce (we know its lactose free).
I then went and got two plates of buffet chicken for my partner and I.
It was to die for. It was juicy, full of flavour, hot, it wasn’t greasey. It was all very very nice.
I definitely recommend the buffet – we were very pleasantly surprised.
Generally speaking, if there is a food on a hot plate, it dries up and is lackin in flavour. I don’t know how they did it but the chicken was full of flavour and amazingly juicy.
Child’s meal 10/10
Buffet food 10/10

We weren’t pestered, which is normally what happens when a waitress either tries to get you to buy a desert or ushering you to leave. We were free and comfortable to do as we pleased.

Overall a super experience. 55/55

Brewers Fayre

Kelly, Cabbage Girl.


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