What music do you like?

I love mood enhancing music. The kind of music that just suits me at any given time. Obviously it changes with each mood.

My fiancè (not a clue how to use letter accents by the way) is a DJ. He’s a producer. He’s great. He just doesn’t have the money behind him to make it big.
Once upon a time in the music industry the artists that sold records and were famous were those that could sing or brought something new to the world of radio.
Today, if you haven’t got money or you can’t sell tickets you don’t get on the flyer for the main event or you don’t get played on the radio.
My other half has 200+ likes on his DJ Facebook page he plays to a huge crowd of a few thousand at a wicked festival in Somerset called Satinafield. He owns an internet  radio station – which I design and built – he played the count down on New Year’s Eve at a local nightclub – I also did their original site, not quite what you see there now – he puts on events, he raises money for a local charity, he’s a partner in an artist management agency..  he has all ten fingers in a lotta pies so to speak.
His equipment is not just cheap, bedroom DJ type affair either.. he has a full mobile nightclub.. subs, tops, lights, lasers… CDJs, Vinyl decks, final scratch… He’s got everything.
Unfortunately those things didn’t come cheap and the person that bought them has sadly passed away, he was and still is a very big part of our lives, even though the 2 year anniversary of his death is in a month or so.

I want the world to hear his music. If they don’t like it, that’s fine, but at least give him 5 minutes of your time
He’s on soundcloud, mixcloud and YouTube.

I want him to succeed doing what it is that drives his wildest dreams.
I want to share with him the feelings and emotions and to say yeah he did that and I was there!


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